A Change In Perspective

Hello ladies and gents, I know its been a while since I posted here. I wanted to let you all know what I've been up to. The purpose of this blog is to discuss issues relevant to the self-esteem and beauty standards of black women and girls. This blog is also linked to my online t-shirt business, Black Girl Tees. Because I'd framed the subject of my blog this way, there are topics that I'd like to discuss with you that are outside of the scope of my blog.

What I decided was to start a new blog, At that blog I'll be discussing ways we as black women can stay motivated to reach our goals. I hope that you join me over at my new blog and continue the discussions we've been having here. You'll see that some of my favorite posts have been moved to that blog, and that I've begin to write new ones as well.

I've loved the interactions we've had here over the last year, but now its time to move on to something else. I really appreciate you reading and commenting on my posts and look forward to more interaction with you in the future.

Until then...