Its about the journey, not the destination

Toya over at Black Girls Like Us posted this video, and I found it to be an inspiring start to my day. It also sparked the thought that led to this post.

I know the title of this post is a cliche quote, but its really true. So often we work so hard to get to a particular place, that we don't enjoy the process of 'becoming'. We're always looking ahead, crossing tasks off our to-do lists and anticipating the time when things will 'get better'. Well, what about enjoying life right now? In this moment? This very second? Being present in every moment really changes one's outlook on life.

Most people aren't programmed this way. We're taught to set goals, be persistent, work hard and be go-getters. That mindset causes a person to always look forward to something. But rarely do people talk about looking from right where you are. Black women are some of the hardest working people in the world (I'd like to think we are the hardest workers, but I'm biased...). From juggling family, romantic relationships, friends and social contacts, careers, church, community groups and volunteering, most sistahs I know carry full plates. In all of those activities, there comes a time when a woman is tired. Tired of working, tired of waiting for what she's wanting and tired of holding her head up to see what's coming on the horizon.

So I say to you, dear sistah, to take a moment from time to time and enjoy where you are right now. Thats advice that I have to constantly implement for myself, because I get caught up in my goals and aspirations too. But the purpose of attaining your desire is not just gettting it, but the process of getting where it is too. Whether that be the board appointment you are seeking, the weight loss goal you're striving for, or finding a compatible mate, there's always a bright side to what you're involved in and a way to look at things in a positive light. That perspective comes from appreciating where you currently are and what you currently have. Let's try to look at the now more often, and not just at what's coming.