Dare to dream, my sistas

So I'm sitting here eating butter pecan ice cream, beating myself up for all the indulging I've done over the last week, and trying to motivate myself to jump back on the fitness and healthy eating wagon next week. I was brainstorming ideas for a new post... but my mind keeps wandering to Paris.

You see, my ultimate dream is to be my own boss, travel the world and write fantasy novels. If there's one place in the world that I'd live, it'd be Paris. My only time in that city was 4 days during a study abroad trip in 2005. But I've been in love with it ever since.

I'm hard to see, but that's me in the red tank top.I could've made the move happen by now. But me being young and naive, I let the criticism of others overshadow my dream. "You're too old," some said. "How will you earn money? When will you come back?" Others asked me. Having to have all the answers now became very daunting the more and more I talked about my dream. Then there were those 'friends' and acquaintances who poked holes in the answers that I did have, or who were quick to remind me that I was likely to get kidnapped and sold into modern-day slavery by human traffickers. You know, since its so safe in the States and all.

But the love of close family and friends helped me to cultivate that dream again, and join my desire to live in Paris with my desire to be my own boss. And voila, the genesis of those two ideas led me to start Black Girl Tees. The mission of my online store is to help other sistas believe in themselves, see themselves as beautiful and to feel good about what they wore.

The hardest part of starting on the road to a dream is sometimes taking the first step. But after you've taken a few steps, left your starting point behind, what do you do then? I'm kinda at that point.

My affirmation for today is that I vow to take things to the next level, to keep reaching for my dream, and to tune out the voices of the naysayers. What's really ironic to me is that I've received more help, support and words of encouragement for my business and my dream of living in Paris from people who are not black, than from black people! This is not the first time I've experienced this but I'm still shocked and disappointed with every occurrence.

So my sistas, what are your dreams? What do you aspire to? What is that thing that keeps you awake at night with excitement, fear and anxious anticipation? I'd love to hear your stories and encourage you to keep striving. Leave me a comment and let's continue to dream and reach together.


Kourt said...

Hey I just came across your blog the other day, and I love this post. My dream is to travel and paint. I'm trying to keep doing it, so far it has got me to Australia and Europe. I do get the typical questions...but I really enjoy art and traveling and I've realized that I am the only person capable of making it happen for me.

Maybe you can look into artist residences (I plan on doing one in Iceland next year), has listings for literature and they have them listed by countries. Some residences will have funding, some will not...but there are grants around, especially for writers. The National Endowment for the Arts still offers literature fellowships.

Prosechild said...

OMG Kourt thank you!!! I'm definitely gonna look into this. Wow! Thanks for sharing the info.

Sandra77 said...

Hello, I just found your blog from CW's bloglist. Great blog, and congratulations on starting your own business. I have the same dream - to start my own business, travel and live outside the USA. I so want your dream (and the dreams of other BW) to come true, because that means the realization of my dream is even more possible. There's nothing like seeing other people doing exactly what you want to do to prove that it is doable. Best of luck to you and your dream. I'll keep checking out your blog.

Prosechild said...

hey Sandra, thanks for the encouragement! Don't you just love when you see another sista doing well? Our dreams are soo attainable, we just have to start within ourselves and our own mindset. What types of business ideas are you considering?

Have you got into any African American expat blogs? They're great and I love reading about people who have the same desires as we do.

Always Fabulous said...

awesome post :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is my time reading your blog and understand exactly what are you saying about traveling and I will never give up on that idea and neither you should or any AA woman reading this blog.

Good Luck you can do it. I so look forward to 2010. I really believe this coming year will be GREAT not only for me; but, for other AA women. We can do it, just BELIEVE.