Get him to see you as more

I don't agree with 100% of what Temple Christian says in this video - but you know what, I'm not a guy. I don't know how men think. I was a bit put off by the "bash his head in it" idea. But if that's how it really is, then that's how it really is. All I know is, I want men to see me as more than just 'some girl', as the valuable woman that I am.

This vid contains profanity, in case you're sensitive to that.


chimeziem said...

i don't agree with him 100% either, but he did make a good point. i think, generally, what he was trying to say was if you respect yourself and demand that respect from the men/women around you, then you will be with someone who can get with that, and appreciate that. there are guys that just won't eff with a girl that isn't easy. they can see she respects herself and won't allow them to use her. also, i don't really like what he said about having to bash the message into the guys head. if you let a man know what you're about, that you're serious about wanting marriage, and you're not here to play games, that man will either flee, or stay because he wants that too.

Anonymous said...

hi there.

i don't see people "thinking differenly" based on gender, i see it as an individual thing, and i don't think this particular subject has to do with gender. if a man doesn't demand respect and respect himself, women won't respect him, same goes for men who don't respect a self-disrespecting woman.

btw, I hate this guy. You must not have seen his "why black men date other races of women" videos. I think you should take a look at it. He's a fool and a damaged beyond repair hypocrit.

Prosechild said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment.

In general I agree with your first thought, that its an individual thought process. But specifically, I know alot of women who think that by having sex with a man who won't commit they'll persuade him to invest more in the 'relationship'. Whereas men know up front that it won't be more, have sex and point blank say "I'm not looking for a relationship", yet women will continue to hope for one. Its one of those situations where women should know to move on, but for some reason we don't. They also don't see being physically intimate with someone they care about as a respect issue, where men clearly do.

I saw his video on IR dating. I thought it was funny, b/c he was clearly making generalizations. I don't hate him.. that's what Sergeant Willie P is for...LOL! I don't think I'd go as far as saying he's DBR, at least he's reaching out to black women to affect change. And I appreciate the fact that he presents an honest male viewpoint, whether I agree with that viewpoint or not.. b/c if he's thinking along those lines, so might other men I'd come across in real life...