New Year, New Direction!

When I started this blog, the purpose was to discuss the self-esteem and standard of beauty of black women and girls. Granted, I don't have any daughters, and I don't regularly interact with teenage girls. But I have a deep concern for their welfare, particularly in the face of the rapidly changing and complex world in which they are growing up. Over time, these discussions have evolved into some personal talk and (I hope) helpful reflections on 21st-century black womanhood.

Now, I want to take Black Femininity further. My recent reflection on my efforts stemmed from the start of a new year and the proliferation of themes for the year (52 Weeks 2 Find Him comes to mind...) I am passionate about self-esteem, personal development and general advancement of black women, and I want this blog to be a resource for these issues. In 2009 I anticipate moving the blog to its own domain; better articles about the aforementioned topics; 2 interview series on topics important to black women; and a host of other improvements on the theme of Black Femininity. I hope you will join me for these changes, and I hope that together we impact the lives of black women and girls in a positive manner.