Question of the week

I'm starting a new feature here at Black Femininity. The Question of the week is an opportunity for me to ask you thought-provoking questions and allow me to get to know you, my lovely readers, better. I'm very appreciative that you read my thoughts (thank you!!) but I'd like to know what you think as well.

Question for this week:

Do you think you are more or less attractive than women of other races? How did you form that opinion?


Mae said...
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Mae said...

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When I was younger (teenage years) I didn't explicitly compare myself to white women (I did not think about women of other races at all)but I did feel a sense of discomfort because I felt that we black women had to "do something" to our hair in order to be beautiful while others were just beautiful naturally. It was not until I cut off my chemically straightened hair that I felt like a "real" beautiful woman. Being natural might not be for everyone, but being naturally beautiful, without having to alter myself in any way, makes me feel just as beautiful as any woman, no matter the race.

LBunnee said...

I always had a sense of pride being a young black woman and always thought that black women had their own identity and their own beauty about them that was different from what I could ever see in the media or press that depicted a certain black woman (always one that looked caucasian).

Personally I think that my race is just as attractive if not more than other races. We come in different shades of brown with many shapes and sizes. I see many races trying to have the look of a black woman...from tanning, butt pads, hip pads as well as our hairstyles.

I don't take away from other races as each race has a unique presence about them but I guess I can say I'm proud to be a black woman.